Recognizing there is a problem with alcohol or drugs is the first step to a solution. Denial is a major barrier to recovery, being honest with one’s self can sometimes be a tremendously difficult thing to do. However taking steps, like exploring this website, are huge when exploring addiction and recovery. Below are some helpful links to provide some self recognition to a possible problem.


After Recognition , treatment is advised. Going “cold turkey” can be dangerous and sometimes deadly. It is highly recommended to speak with an alcohol or drug addiction specialist to determine the level of care that you specifically require.


Education is an ongoing process which starts in the recognition phase and continues for a lifetime. Here are some helpful links to continue your journey. 


Links to find like minded fellowship, recovery is a process of many.

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If Redwing Blackbird has come across your path;

It is letting you know that the forces of nature are at work and that big changes are coming into your life right now. These changes have been slowly manifesting all around you and are now ready to burst forth and become reality.

Redwing Blackbird brings omens, mysticism, reveals a fear that is ruling you, and opens you to receive new adventures and life experiences.


Center for Addiction Recognition Treatment Education Recovery

CARTER, Inc. is a 501c3 private nonprofit organization dedicated to the art and science of achieving lifelong freedom from addiction. The goal of CARTER, Inc. is to transform addiction into enduring health and well-being.

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